newborn :)

newborn :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trouble Makers! but they are friends!

fedup! internet masalah! penat aku upload gmbaq masuk sni, tiba2 unconnected!! bebai. but, apaapapon, here. miss them!!

hey, first, its me :) Ayyatul Aisya Wahida. more? no!


you'r the best, dude! thanks for everything you have done for me. thankss!!

My Yaya. thanks again :)

Miss Aida and Miss Yaya. both i love. both my bestie. but they are different for good. :)

Miss Miela and Miss Aida. one like a nice daughter and one like a lovely mummy! love them. and thanks!

Here! the 2A3! thanks, guys! for support, for the advice and for the company! thanks! missed you guys!

What Friend Are For? :) -introducing, Wani ( That Pengawas PSS ) and Fatin ( beside me ) and theres Miela, you know right! haha

yeah! miss **** too. much actually. i really try to forget ang FORGIVE but, here, **** still in my heart. :) <3

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  1. Holla .Miss Mielaa ? Haha, sapa budakk tuu ? btw, terharruuuuuuu :D
    Love youu dear, sriusly :D