newborn :)

newborn :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


OKEYYYYY, I ADMIT IT, IT WAS MY WRONG. immmm sorry immm sorry :(
but weh, no need to take it too serious. grr
daannn, dengann inii saya menyatakan bahawa AKU BENCI HANG, mangkok!
muslim <3

Monday, February 21, 2011


wooow, lama tk update woot :) being frm3 stdnt and PMR candidate was a horrible life school. but actually, its not too bad, i just dont get time to waste anymore. :)) what what ? see me smiling? HAHA. of course im smiling, im gonna sit for PMR this year dude! just a few more years, thennnnnn. ENDDD OFF STUDENT LIFEE :D
not soo great thing ah? HAHA, but yes for me. why ? why? HAHA, wanna run from this all bad things and bad attitude(s) HAHA. and bad memories -.- yeahh, much.

well, gentleman and girlfriends,, i've made my last decision. :) IF 8a's , TeknikAlorSetar is going to get my visit :) IF no 8a's, me stay IBRAHIMIANS :) why i made this decision? becouse, i hate to see those THING :) im not kidding, those people, those thing, those memories. yurp, im smiling front of them, front of it, front of the memories, but who knows inside? me, myself also cant get whats wrong with me :) yeah, a thing to know, i cant deny people :) and again, too much smile on my writing. auww, wasnt smile is the best thing to do when you dont know what else to do? :)

okeyokey, apa kena mengena tajuk aku dgn apa yg aku tulis ni? merepek meraban dan sebagainya? :) my hobbies this lately :) talking nonsense, about everything but not about THE THING :) trying to avoid it. wish mee luckk , dear :) yeah yeah, you should screamm at me now, too much smiling, as my friend said, the smile such a lying :) so? HAHA, as long as my heart in good condition. ohh noo, this year would be noo case anymore, trying to avoid any single case, seriously :| and im trying to do my best with my KOKO ACTIVITIES MARK. hurmm, hye dude, its form three, pupil being crazy about MARKAHHHHH . haha, me too, and seriously, i care about it :)

okey, form three make me learnt about thisssss feeling ----> MALU dgn lakiii . haha. seriously, i start to limit my social FRIENDSHIP with guy. doesnt mean, i have to avoid them. no, just LIMIT. :) and of course, AisyaWahida, this year, is a little bit different . surely, HAHA. apa yg lain tktau la ann :) ada ada ada, aku ja tau. hampa toksah amik tau laaaa :))) <------ this is surely sincerely smile. haha

okeyokey, like i said just now, im not having much time to waste. got to go, :) i love this moment. seriously, dont want to let it gooo :)

im not perfect :)

miss her <3