newborn :)

newborn :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

should it have a title :|

come take me away,
this is just a suck fate..
i hate you for all the hopes,,
i hate when you just stare on me like you like me,
but you'r actually see you girlfie face,
and i hate too when you make me believe you care,

i try to ignore every single thing makes me fell bad about you,
but you?
i try to just stay there ,
with you,
just to see your smile,
just to be there with you,

i really hope you were wrong bout it,
about what he is,
but yes!
you were right..
you try to ignore me everytime i talk about him,
couse you know it will hurt me at the end..
and now, i fell it,,
totally hurtt,,

and hey friend,
so long no see,,
and you'r asking me about my life,
and it sucks,,
how should i tell you,,
i know you will just ignore me,,
couse i choose to be hurt...
but, i miss you, *lama gila hng lari.

where are you?
Qila said, you will always be with me,,
everytime i want to,,
everytime i miss you,,
and yes, need you now,,
you are my best ever friend..
look how im desperate without you care of me.

Angah*err, Fitri,,
miss you too!
come here, i wanna story to you,,
and then, you will get angry with me,
but then, giving me ais-cream..
i miss our time weh!

nowwww.. :(

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